Another Flash Fiction Win

My story “Flight” won Flash Frenzy Round 16 at The Angry Hourglass.

I really am planning a post about writing flash fiction. I’ve just been busy, well, writing flash fiction. And finishing the second draft of Margaret Dashwood and the Enchanted Atlas. And writing more short stories. So my blog has suffered some inattention lately. But there are posts taking shape in my head. One of these days I’ll put them here.

One thought on “Another Flash Fiction Win

  1. Beth,
    I too am very lax in writing on my personal reflective blog. Sometimes it’s because what I write might really piss off my relatives….oops! I’ll have to wait until dementia sets in and then no one would blame me for anything I said or wrote. I am keeping up on my book blog because I have so many to review. Every time I think I’m caught up, I receive more in the mail. I am not complaining though because I love to read and review…AND I get complimentary ARC’s of extremely good novels.

    Stay tuned for thoughts from the PITA.



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