Puppies Make Everything Better

Because I’ve been working on a fantasy trilogy, I haven’t written many posts recently. But if you scroll down my blog page, you’ll see a clear shift in my focus over the past year. Before the 2016 election I wrote mostly about my life as a writer, with the occasional essay about something deeply personal.Continue reading “Puppies Make Everything Better”

Liebster Award

My sister in Luminosity, Maestra of Pilates, and Mother of Dragons, Emily June Street, tagged me to write this post. Although I’m not sure what the Liebster award is, I’m happy to play. Here are the rules: List eleven random facts about yourself. Answer eleven questions posed by the tagger. Devise eleven questions for theContinue reading “Liebster Award”

Backwards and Out of Order: My Writing Process Blog Tour

Introduction: My Writing Process Blog Tour Several months ago I saw this blog tour making the Twitter rounds. Several writers I follow posted marvelous accounts of their writing processes, and I secretly longed to be invited along. So when Karl A. Russell asked if he could tag me in his post, I was thrilled, notContinue reading “Backwards and Out of Order: My Writing Process Blog Tour”