Hypochondria: How Easy is a Bush Supposed a Bear

My sister’s favorite story about me goes like this: During the summer of 1999 I had an emergency(ish) appendectomy.  About a week later, still sore and slow moving, I went with Dave to have lunch with some friends in Davis.  After lunch I had to go to the bathroom.  While I was there doing myContinue reading “Hypochondria: How Easy is a Bush Supposed a Bear”

That Certain Slant of Light

The rain started late last week.  Finally.  The rain is late this year and despite the pleasure of the past few weeks’ unusually beautiful weather, the lack of rain was starting to get worrisome.  So I’m glad that it finally started raining.  Sort of.  Because the rain brought the grey, which is, for me, evenContinue reading “That Certain Slant of Light”