Oh the Depravity!

I can’t get my mind around what’s happening in Washington. The GOP “health care” plan guts the ACA, making it much more difficult for poor people to get health insurance while providing obscene tax cuts for insurance company CEOs, and several Republicans say they will reject the new plan because it doesn’t GO FAR ENOUGH. Even Ann I hate all humanity Coulter hates the new plan. Take a moment to think about that. And while you’re thinking about that, consider H. J. Resolution 69, the bill that allows hunters to shoot bears while they HIBERNATE and wolf pups IN THEIR DENS. Nothing sporting about that. It’s just cruel. Have you finished thinking about the health care thing and the dead wolf puppies? Now mull over the brand new task force called VOICE: Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement, which will investigate and publish crimes committed by undocumented immigrants. You know who else did that? If you guessed Hitler, then ding, ding, ding! You get a sticker! Except that with Hitler, it was the Jews. In the U.S. Jews are mostly okay, except for the regular bomb threats called in to JCCs and the vandalism in Jewish cemeteries. Every single Senator signed a letter to the President asking him to please address this ongoing mishegoss. Even the Republicans. I wonder what the big man will do when he’s done watching Fox News and tweeting. Hard to say, though he’ll probably whine about how the “deep state” led by President Obama is sabotaging his Presidency. I’m a fantasy writer with a dark side and I would never have made this shit up. The depravity is wearing my patience thin. And it’s only March.

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